Rick Lauria – Keys

Ricky Lauria has studied piano since childhood, alternating the mental discipline of music with the physical rigors of athletics. With his elegant, laid-back and bluesy comping style, complemented by exemplary technical brilliance when soloing, he has established himself as one of the North Shore’s leading pianists. In searching for comparisons one might invoke 70’s-era Bill Evans for the sophisticated interplay and delicate phrasing during ballads, or Dave McKenna for the heavy funk laid down by his mighty left hand. Regardless of genre, energy permeates Ricky’s performances, even as he comports himself with an exceptionally calm, composed demeanor that suits his mastery. Playing regularly with such popular groups as Roundabout and The Downtown Rhythm Band to hone his pop-music ear, Ricky cuts loose a deluge of pent-up improvisational emotion when onstage with the ‘Knights.