Hey everybody, nothing too much to report right now. We’ve just made a couple additions to the website. Firstly, our long overdue Pictures section is up and running. Chris Byron, a great Boston photographer, came down to one of our Vincent’s gigs and spent the better part of the night just taking pictures of us. We took some of our favorites (out of more than three HUNDRED!), made them web-ready, and put them in the Pictures section of the website. Thanks Chris!

Another addition (well, upgrade really) that we’ve made available is our snazzy monthly Newsletter! Those of you on the old mailing list remember it was very low-tech, basically the band emailing to an address book. Well, there’s just too darn many of you now for my pitiful email client to handle, so we’ve gotten ourselves a real, honest-to-goodness mailing list server! If you want to sign up (you mean you’re not already ON the LIST?!) head on over to the Newsletter portion of the site, or just cut out the middleman and email the bot directly, with a subject of “subscribe” to join in the fun!



WE WON! Thanks to all of you, we are now the Best Worcester Jazz Act!” for 2005! Many thanks to all of you who voted for us in the Wormtown Sound awards! An especially big thanks to our friends and fans at Craig, without their support we never could’ve gotten this far!


Lots of changes in the past few months! The lineup has changed a little bit, with old guitarist Dana Wright leaving to pursue his own projects. Lets hear it for Mr. Paul Chase – Worcester native, scary musician, and all-around good guy – who has been chosen to fill the void that Dana left. You all can read a little more about Paul on his Bio page. We’d also like to thank Joe D’Angelo, Bryan Wrenn (no link), and Paul Courchaine, three excellent guitarists who’ve pitched in and helped us out by subbing while we were searching for a permanant replacement.

Another big anouncement, we’ll be going into the studio sometime in the next two months to record our first FULL LENGTH CD! A long time in the works, this’ll be an actual production release that we will distribute to various places as our demo, and it will be available for purchase through the website and at our gigs.


Some of you may have noticed that the website connectivity has been a little flakey. Sorry about that, we’ve had some issues with moving to a new server, and the bugs haven’t quite been straightened out yet. We hope to have all the issues resolved by the end of the month. Also, many thanks to our fans at the Java Hut who turned out and helped make that night truely awesome! You know who you are!


…And we’re live! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new home of the Sleepless Knights, New England’s soon-to-be-hottest jazz band! 8*) Bear with us as we fill out the content on the rest of the site. The Gigs, Booking, and Pictures links aren’t exactly operational yet, but we’ll get there. In the meantime, please feel free to peruse our biographies and listen to some songs off our demo CD as well as others recorded live.